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A Letter From Our

My team and I are honored that you have found your way to the GODSPEED Financial website. Being here, chances are that either you are looking to take control of your life and embark in a career in the most life changing industry in existence, or you’re an experienced agent that is looking for something different-for the last time. Either way, we have you covered. And we mean it.

If you are new, there are a few things to look for
in a place to grow your business:
  • Free training
  • High comp
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE,
    HIGH INTENT leads
  • A culture of support, inspiration, and excellence
  • The practice of under promising and over delivering

We humbly say to you that we provide all of the above and so much more to our agents. I have an obsession with seeing new agents change their lives through this business and it’s our greatest ambition to help as many agents as we can.

If you are experienced and looking for a new home, this is likely because of one thing that represents many others…

What you were promised isn’t what you experienced.

This could be leads, support, comp, or anything else that matters. Hey, agent, I almost regret to share with you that I’ve been there.

Almost. Regret.

I don’t regret it though because I was able to learn where the gap is in our industry. And that has allowed us to fill it. If I didn’t experience the empty promises for myself, I wouldn’t know that an honest, mutually beneficial relationship that is founded on promises kept is all you need.

We have you covered, too.

Thanks again for being here. If you feel so inclined after perusing our site, reach out and lets identify whether, or not GODSPEED can be the last (and sometimes only) partner you’ll ever need in this industry.

Regardless, I am rooting you on.

André P. van den Broeck
Founder – GODSPEED Financial